Flood Warning & Alerts

Stay Informed

The best way to stay safe, is to stay informed. Below you can sign-up for Flood Alerts, download the Flood Warning Mobile App, check current flood conditions, and learn how to be flood ready.

Sign-up for Flood Alerts

King County Flood Alert

Sign-up for free access to Flood Alerts (or change your current settings). This automated system sends customized alerts of potential flooding on King County’s major river systems. Notifications about pending high water and flood phases can be received via email, text, or voicemail.

Download the Flood Warning Mobile App

Flood Warning Mobile App

This app is a great tool to track flood conditions across rivers in once place. The app provides current river flows, real-time flood phase information, and gage data trends and forecasts. Data is downloaded every ten minutes from U.S. Geological Survey and the National Weather Service’s Northwest River Forecast Center with the most current information.

Flood Warning Center

The Flood Warning Center is a function of the flood alert system and serves to warn King County communities of rising river levels and potential floodwaters. In most locations, the alert system provides at least two hours lead time before floodwaters reach damaging levels.

When flooding occurs, Center is activated and operates continuously until flood waters recede. Center operations are co-located with the King County Office of Emergency Management.

You can reach the Flood Warning Center at 206-296-8200 or 800-945-9263. When activated, the center serves as an information exchange and can answer questions, interpret river gage information, direct you to sandbag locations, and provide updated information about problem areas and evacuations. Current river levels and flood information are always available through the recorded phone system.

The Center coordinates with the National Weather Service, King County Office of Emergency Management, King County Roads, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle Public Utilities and other agencies.

Additional Resources

PLEASE NOTE: Although useful tools, these flood warnings and alert resources do not replace the need for you to make your own flood disaster plan, evacuation routes, or emergency kits.