Board of Supervisors & Executive Committee

Flood Control District Supervisors (from left to right, top row first):
Girmay Zahilay, Board Vice Chair Sarah Perry, Rod Dembowski, Joe McDermott, Claudia Balducci, Board Chair Reagan Dunn, Dave Upthegrove, Pete von Reichbauer and Jeanne Kohl-Welles.

King County Flood Control District Board of Supervisors

The Flood Control District’s Board of Supervisors is its primary governing body and is composed of the members of the Metropolitan King County Council. The District is responsible for planning and funding maintenance and repairs of the flood control facilities. Visit the Contact Us options for contacting Supervisors and staff.

Executive Committee

The Board of Supervisors elects four members of the Board to serve on the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee develops policy recommendations for consideration by the full Board, approves contracts for goods and services up to $100,000, develops and approves staffing and personnel policies related to administration of the District, and oversees the day-to-day business of the District.

The following Supervisors are members of the Executive Committee:

Questions or comments?

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    • Melani Pedroza, Clerk of the King County Council and the King County Flood Control District

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Seattle, WA 98104