$12 million in grant funding available from the King County Flood Control District

king_adminNews Release

The King County Flood Control District announced the availability of at least $12 million in grant funding for projects that reduce the impact of flooding.

The program targets flood reduction projects throughout King County and the deadline to apply for a 2024 grant is May 31, 2024. An online informational meeting will be offered on April 23 to learn more about the grants and the application process. The grant application will be accessed via an online portal. The information session will feature a demonstration of the portal. Please visit the Flood Reduction Grants webpage for more information.

In 2023, over $12 million in funding was awarded to 27 projects across four categories: Flood Reduction, Urban Streams, Coastal Erosion/Coastal Flooding, and Culvert Replacement/Fish Passage Restoration.

To qualify for funding, projects must directly address existing or potential flooding. Projects that achieve multiple benefits are encouraged. Typical projects might include:

  • Addressing surface water overflows and flooding from creeks and lakes due to outflow blockage or undersized or failing culverts or pipes.
  • Upgrading aging or undersized stormwater systems in urban or suburban areas.
  • Clearing clogged agricultural drainage systems.
  • Relocating structures outside of flood zones in coastal areas.
  • Replacing culverts that block fish passage and restrict flows and undermine streambanks.

The Flood Control District is specifically interested in reaching homeowner associations, non-profit organizations, schools, special purpose districts, tribes, cities, towns, and agencies in King County.

There is no cap on the individual award amount. Past grants have ranged from $10,000 to $1.5 million. Matching funds are encouraged but not required.

Expenditure of the funds must be completed no later than 36 months after signing the grant agreement. More information about criteria, eligibility and application assistance can be found on the Flood Reduction Grants webpage.

Interested parties should contact Kim Harper at 206-477-6079 or kim.harper@nullkingcounty.gov.