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The King County Flood Control District is a special purpose government created to provide funding and policy oversight for flood protection projects and programs in King County.
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Annual & Performance Reports
2019 Plan & Budget
2018 Plan & Budget
2017 Plan & Budget
2016 Plan & Budget
2015 Plan & Budget
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2012 Plan & Budget
Lower Green River Corridor Flood Hazard Management Plan
Local Hazard Mitigation Plan
Home Elevations and Buy-Outs
Sub-Regional Opportunity Fund
Flood Reduction Grants
Cooperative Watershed Grants

2017 Plan & Budget

2017 Budget Resolution
Attachment A - Work Program
Attachment B - Budget
Attachment C - Operating Budget
Attachment D - Capital Budget
Attachment E - 2017-20222 Six Year CIP
Attachment F - District Oversight Budget
Attachment G - Subregional Opportunity Fund Allocations
Attachment H - Project List